Great Lakes

Asia’s continental watershed runs through Mongolia, splitting the country’s lakes and rivers into large drainage basins. These basins form the Depression of the Great Lakes in the western part and the Valley of Numerous Lakes between Hangai and Gobi Altai Mountains in the south central part. These lakes are the wonders of nature for eco-tourists, adventurers, birdwatchers and trekkers.

Lake Huvsgul

Located in the far north from Ulaanbaatar, this stunning lake is Mongolia’s best kept secret. Covering an area of over 1,300 square miles, the lake’s crystal-clear water is surrounded by forested mountains and lush meadows sprinkled with white gers and herds of horses. The lake is rich in taimen and other fish. The surrounding area abounds in elk, moose, deer and other species. The lake naturally attracts many photographers and film crews as well as horseback riders. The comfortable Juulchin base camp is located right at the lake side, where horses are available.


Lake Ogii

The Ogii Nuur is famous for its resident and migrant birdlife. Fly fishing is another outdoor adventure on this lake.

Lake Uvs

Nestled between the beautiful peaks of the Gurvansaikhan (Three Beauties) Mountains, towering 1000 feet above the surrounding steppe, Eagle Valley Canyon shelters a wildlife and a small “glacier” which remains frozen even on summer’s hottest days.


Lake Har Us

Lake Har Us (Black Water Lake) is the second largest freshwater lake in Mongolia. Har Us is the perfect habitat for wild ducks, geese, wood grouse, partridges and seagulls, including the rare Relict Gull and Herring Gull.


Lake Terhiin Tsagaan

Surrounded by extinct and craters wolcanoes, Terhiin Tsagaan is one of the most beautiful lakes in Mongolia. This lake is not as large as Hovsgol, but it is renowned for its fish and birds.


Lake Boon Tsagaan

This saltwater lake in the Bayanhongor Desert is popular with birdlife. the region also boasts extraordinary volcanic formations, canyons of cascading streams and ancient cave paintings.


Lake Orog

Another saltwater lake is Orog. It is nestled in the foothills of Mt. Ikh Bogdo in the Bayanhongor Desert and famous for its unique wildlife.

orog nuur

Lake Hagyn Har

Hagyn Har is located in the vicinity of the Hentii Mountains in the northeastern Mongolia. It is easily reached by helicopter from Ulaanbaatar. The lake looks like a miracle amidst the forested mountains. Its clear water basin is ideal for a fishing adventure. Hiking, photo safaris and horseback tours are arranged upon request. There is plenty to be seen and explored, including the rocky mountains, meadows and, what a surprise, sand dunes.